Purola Farm

We, means Fränz, Pipsa, Lumi and Robi, decided, while living in Luxembourg, that it would be time for a change, stop talking about dreams but realize them. We aimed to run a guesthouse on a farm somewhere where we could also organize horse riding trips. The farm should provide the hay needed to feet the horses and the forest enough firewood for the heating.

So, the idea made the determination and the plan grow.

Pipsa, being a horse fanatic all her life and also loves cooking and Fränz being addicted to snow, nature, woodwork and sports, agreed on Finland being the right country to built up our project. Finding the appropriated place wasn't too hard...Purola, a small farmhouse, a cattle stable, which was in bad shape, an old hay barn "riihi" in good condition, a beautiful beach sauna, some more buildings, a lot of nature; forest, fields and 300 meters of own beach at lake Katajajärvi, were convincing us at once.

The farm is located in middle Finland, some 10 kilometers away from Saarijärvi, a small town offering all the basic facilities. Closest city being Jyväskylä (University, airport etc).

We bought the farm end of 2009 and started the renovating of the old house and the stable end of April. 1 of May 2010 we moved to Saarijärvi and the construction works for the guesthouse began in mid may.

The horse stable got ready end of summer 2010, a part of our house mid of October 2010. Two guestrooms and the sauna department were ready in March 2011 and the whole guesthouse in July 2011.


“Sustainability is providing future generation with the same amount of opportunities, or more of what the current generation was provided with.” World Bank President Ismail Serageldin

Respect for the natural and ecological values are important goals of our activities. We try to minimize the energy needs by carefully planning: good isolation of the buildings where we used local, ECO labelled Termex pulp wool as well as a central wood heating system from Ariterm for heating and providing the required warm water; floor heating, showers, dishwasher, washing machine. The firewood is chopped in our own forest by proceeding a balanced cleaning and avoiding clear cuts.

Our fields are providing a major part of the hay needed for feeding the horses. We recycle and compost. We try to avoid single-use or non-recyclable products.

We strive to use local and organic products/services. In future we plan to set up our own wind turbine to cover partly  our electric energy needs and install solar panels in order to provide the warm water  during the summer months.

Another project aims the reactivating of the old well. Since May 2016, we have been collecting solar heat with panels. During the sunny summer months, they warm up perfectly water for the shower needs of the entire house, as well for our dishwasher and washing machine. The long-awaited air-water heat pump we acquired in 2018 to support our heating system for the coolest seasons.

Since May 1, 2015,Purola Farm is an official organic farm. We are committed to follow the regulations for organic farming. We grow organic hay for our horses. From 2016, our forests were also found in organic production, so we collect blueberries, lingonberries and chanterelles. Horticultural products are still in transition, they will be organic in 2021. 2022 we gave up the organic farm sertication, but we still go on with the criterias at our farm.


In summer 2019 we received the Finnish Organic Tourism - ECEAT Finland membership and we agreed to meet the international ECEAT standards for ecological and cultural sustainability.

Summer 2020 we received from Business Finland the Sustainable Travel Finland -label. We had to  pass to criterias and go throught the sustainable travel programme.

Sustainable tourism is committed to having a positive impact on nature, society and the economy, leaving a low ecological footprint and honouring local cultures. Keep nature clean by choosing environmentally-friendly options in modes of travel, and recycle, reuse and reduce your overall consumption and waste. Choose locally- produced and ethically-made food and products, and be respectful of local communities and traditions.

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Year 2022 we gave up the sertifications of ecological farm. Eceat Finland ans Sustainable Travel Finland. We are still going on with sustainable travel criterias.