Peat treatments


Peat sauna - a Finnish innovation for pleasure-lovers. Apply a thick layer of peat on your skin. It is important that the skin cannot be seen under the peat. Go to sauna for 20 minutes. The temperature in the sauna should be around 60 degrees of C. Minimum 3 persons.

Price incl. peat, towels and guiding.


Peat, as warm as the room temperature, feels cool and therefore refreshing. It will reduce your skin pores and swelling. Warming up the peat to 40 degrees (C) makes it more efficient. Leave the peat on for 20 minutes. You don't need moisturizers because the peat itself moistens your skin. The peat mask is good for both dry and greasy skins. It is suitable also for atopic skin and acne.

Price incl. normal or rosemary peat and towels.


Treating your feet with peat will improve the circulation and make your feet more resistant for cold. Feet are put into two plastic bags filled with warm peat and then put into warm water for 20 min. Afterwards rinsed with shower.

Price incl. peat and towels.


In Purola is used Lehto Peat´s pure, 100% natural Finnish product, which is dug by hand from the marsh to avoid breaking the consistency. Only the best raw material is accepted for production of treatment peat. The raw material is comminuted right after lifting. The peat is not dehydrated; nothing is neither added nor taken away. Only non-moldered pieces of wood are disposed. The therapeutic effect is based on the high temperature, the antiseptic effect of the peat and on activating effects of the biological elements.

The most important elements are Humic (28,5%) and Fulvic acids (10%). Other factors included in peat, such as Mg, Mo, Si, Fe and Zn, are very beneficial for the wellbeing of human skin.

The whole body treatment is not recommended for people with heart problems or high blood pressure or for pregnant women because of possible overheating effects. But there is no reason why local treatments could not be used for this group of people. To allergic skin it is first good to try to a small area of peat, as for the pollen and resin allergic peat is not suitable.